LEGO City Cargo TrainIn LEGO City there is a fabulous Cargo Train that drives along the tracks transporting cargo to various locations. With a long section of track, a train and a crane you can help build the LEGO City railway infrastructure.

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The Lego City Cargo train is recommended for children aged between 6 and 12 years. Included in the set are 2 switch tracks, 16 curved tracks, 8 straight tracks and 16 flexible tracks that when put together form a very large railway. There is also a train with engine, autowagon with two cars, tank wagon and a flatbed container.

Additionally there are a range of figures including freight workers and a train driver. By using the Lego Power Functions battery box you can operate the train remotely and adjust the speed of the train.

As this is part of the LEGO City range there are plenty of other sets which can be added to your collection including a level crossing and a train station. Additional track is available and can be used with this set.

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